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What is bruxzir crown

What is bruxzir crown – Understand more about it

Various kinds of dental crowns are available, zirconia crown being the most preferred type due to its high strength. Bruxzir crowns utilise top-quality zirconia material for its strength, durability, and wear resistance. What makes bruxzir crowns special is the ability to offer uncompromising full-strength support to the tooth in individuals with teeth grinding problems. Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition where the individual clenches their teeth, leading to the wear and tear of the tooth facets and joint problems. 

Ordinary crowns cannot successfully restore the tooth structure in cases of bruxism. Hence, bruxzir crowns are preferred by our experts at Smayate Dental Clinic. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss what is bruxzir crown and what sets them apart from the rest – brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic.

Properties that set Bruxzir crowns apart

Aesthetic brilliance

In the quest for natural aesthetics, bruxzir crowns take a massive step ahead of the rest due to their outstanding light transmission properties. This unique property allows the seamless blending of the bruxzir crowns with the natural teeth in terms of appearance and feel. The high translucency quotient of the crowns exactly mimics the natural teeth and results in an attractive real smile. 


Bruxzir crowns are the first choice for teeth grinders due to their strength and durability. It acts as a saviour for people with bruxism, as no other variant of dental crowns is strong enough to handle such levels of pressure. 


The bruxzir crowns offer superior chipping and crack resistance. Dental crowns are subjected to various stresses during the normal functioning of biting and chewing. Excessive stress from eating hard food can chip off or crack the dental crowns. Bruxzir crowns are safe against heavy stresses due to their superior strength.

Plaque resistance

Apart from the superior strength and aesthetic, one more essential property that sets bruxzir crowns apart is their smooth surface. The crowns offer plaque resistance by providing a unique smooth surface that does not allow plaque deposition on its surface. Plaque is a slimy layer with bacteria that can damage teeth and cause gum problems. Due to its plaque resistance properties, the bruxzir crowns safeguard the teeth against caries and gum problems. This unique property of bruxzir crowns makes it a superior choice for people at risk of oral health problems. 

Enhanced Fit 

The feather edge design of the crown ensures a comfortable fit. It seamlessly integrates with the natural tooth structure, enhancing the appearance and the overall comfort of the dental crown fit.

The bottom line – What is bruxzir crown

Bruxzir crowns are a perfect solution for people with bruxism. It is a perfect blend of superior aesthetics, strength, durability and comfortable fit. In a world where there are many dental crown options based on different varieties of materials, bruxzir crowns remain a top priority when it comes to restoring teeth in areas of high stress. To get your bruxzir crowns, a complete dental examination is suggested at our centre before proceeding further. 

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