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White Spot Treatment

White spots are very commonly seen on teeth and is a matter of aesthetic concern for a lot of people. White spots can be caused by a range of factors including.

  • Fluorosis- this happens when your fluoride intake is very high (usually in water) during your childhood when your teeth are forming.
  • Decalcification- this happens due to loss of minerals from the enamel of the tooth due to excessive acid formation. This is very common during braces due to lack of oral hygiene around the brackets of the braces which results in excessive acid formation .
  • Turners hypoplasia- Due to trauma of teeth as a baby, the permanent/adult tooth germ gets affected and results in a white spot on teeth.
  • Initial decay can also appear as a white spot.


Icon is a new treatment methodology which is totally non-invasive, as it does not need any drilling. The surface is cleaned and etched, followed by the use of a low viscosity resin which permeates inside the lesion. After the treatment the affected area begins to blend with the remaining tooth.