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Age 6

Before the age of 6-7 a child begins to get his 1st permanent molar. These adult molars do not replace any baby teeth but quietly grow behind them. Most parents do not realise that and hence these are the teeth that get decayed very often. It is strongly recommended that from the age of 6 years a child should start visiting a dentist for regular dental check up.

Effects of Thumb Sucking

Smayate Dental Clinic offers services like fissure sealants on the back teeth which protects them from decay. The sealants seal the deep fissures or gaps on the biting surface of the teeth which prevents food from sticking on these surfaces, thereby keeping teeth clean. Clean teeth do not decay. Fluoride application are a great decay preventive measure.
We also offer habit breaking appliances for thumb sucking, finger sucking and so on.

Stainless Steel Crown on a milk tooth (Deciduous Molar)