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Your smile is aesthetically pleasing – and the shape of teeth and position of the gums follow certain ‘aesthetic rules’. When gums or teeth are NOT IN HARMONY, they can be recontoured with veneers, crowns, braces or gum recontouring.

Veneers are custom made with either porcelain or composite and shell applied to the front of the teeth. They are extremely versatile and can be used to align crowded or protruding teeth, to close gaps, or lighten tooth colour. Their strength and appearance is similar to natural teeth and they last for many years with little upkeep.

How many days does it take to fix a porcelain veneer?

Single Veneer On The Fornt Upper Tooth
Having a porcelain veneer fitted usually take 3 to 4 visits. At the first visit you have your check up and we plan your treatment. At the second visit the tooth is prepared by removing very thin layer of enamel from the outer surface of the tooth, so that the veneer can be attached at a later date. The shades are recorded with a shade guide and a temporary veneer is made which is worn by the patient while the permanent veneer is prepared in the laboratory. In the third sitting trial is done. The veneer is cemented at the fourth visit.

How many days does it take to fix a composite veneer?

Direct Composite Veneer on Peg Lateral Tooth
Composite veneers can be done on the same day. A mock up is done and color, shape and size of the tooth is determined. Then the composite veneer is completed using various shades of composite and blending it well together.The surface is given texture and finished and polished.

Why Smayate Dental Clinic for your veneers?