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Due to years of poor oral hygiene or due to abnormally heavy forces the health of the gums could be affected. This leads to disease of the gum and periodontal ligament that attaches the gum to the bone.

Slowly the disease starts infecting the bone under the gums and results in large gaps and spaces between teeth. It is now mandatory to keep these gaps clean by using a floss or interdental brush. Oral irrigation devices like water flosser or water pik can also be used.

After the initial bone loss, any neglect in maintaining the oral health further deteriorates the condition of the gum and bone thus leading to a condition called pockets formation. These pockets are flap of gum which are loose and get easily filled with food. This is a very crucial period and any neglect at this stage often leads to more bone loss resulting in loosening of teeth. The patientis often unable to exert enough pressure while eating or experiences bad breath resulting from pus discharge and decomposing food.

The gum specialist at Smayate Dental Clinic assesses the condition of the patient to advise correct line of treatment. The treatment can be non-surgical or surgical depending on the condition of the patient.

Treatment of Gum Disease

Surgical treatment is often referred as “flap” where the pockets which trap the food are surgically removed and all infected granulation tissue is removed. The gums (flap) are again stitched back and the sutures are removed after 7-10 days.

Patients are advised regular maintenance preferably every 6 months as gum disease can only be maintained and cannot be completely cured through treatment.