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Cosmetic Dentures (Removable)

Cosmetic Denture are a world apart from the old fashioned dentures. When people think of dentures they are reminded of their grand parents teeth which they had seen floating in a container of water. Over the years denture technology has improved and now we create dentures which are both cosmetic and functional. Cosmetic dentures follow your smile line and fit seamlessly in your mouth. Facial muscles and tissue get supported by the dentures;thereby minimizing the facial wrinkles.

At Smayate Dental clinic wemeticulously select the shape, color and size of teeth. We would ask the patients to bring their old pictures and are happy tomatch the teeth with their existing teeth and re-create their smiles. Previously denture bases were made using the heat curing process which would slightly distort the base. The new injection mould acrylic bases eliminates this shrinkage.The result is a perfectly fitting denture which are comfortable and stable. Cosmetic denture can also be supported with implants.

Complete Denture

Cosmetic Partial Dentures (Removable)

Partial dentures are made if you have a few missing teeth. There are different types of partial denture –
Removable Partial Denture

Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic partial dentures are made of part acrylic base on which a set of teeth are attached.

Cast Partial Denture

Cast partial dentures have an underlying framework of metal which is tailor made and a set of teeth are added to the above frame work to complete the denture.It is extremely strong and durable. The fit of the denture is excellent and the problem of pain and sore spots in eliminated.

Flexible dentures

Flexible denture are partial dentures where a flexible resin is coated on the outer layer of the denture base. This flexibility allows the denture to cling to the surrounding teeth better making them more stable.