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Preteens And Teenagers

Preteens and teenagers are more independent and mostly do not want parents to interfere in their lives and off course the mouth. This age group of children should be encouraged to come for cleaning of teeth on regular basis.We mentor these children on the merits of good oral hygiene and provide tips on proper brushing technique.

Protect Your Child From Sports Injury

Preteens-Teenagers who would need braces are guided and advised on the best time to see an orthodontist. Having orthodontic treatment doesn’t always mean ugly fixed metal braces. We offer metal free-braces and also clear removable aligners for children and adults who are concerned about how braces may look.

Most children accidently break their front upper teeth while playing sports. Sportsguard appliance is a great preventive too. Protect your children
Preteens and teens is a time when these children are often moody due to hormonal and physical changes that happen during puberty. It is difficult to convince a child to follow oral hygiene instructions needed while the braces treatment is going on.