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Self-ligating Damon Braces

Damon are orthodontic braces that is a far superior alternative to conventional metal braces.

These braces have small brackets which are available in both metal and ceramic. Damon brackets are special as they apply frictionless force and you cannot tell that you are wearing braces. Hence they are extremely comfortable and because of superior technology the treatment is precise and fast.

Damon ceramic braces in the upper jaw and damon metal in the lower jaw. Note there is no elastic ligature in either jaw.

Benefits Of Damon Braces-

Comfortable –

Damon braces are self ligating braces that eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties which are used in conventional braces. Hence these braces are passive and the patient feels no pressure and tightening.


Light high-technology memory wires move the teeth smoothly and faster. They require fewer adjustments and need less check up visits to the dentist.

Almost Invisible –

The smaller brackets used for Damon Braces make them more discreet than conventional metal braces.

Easy maintenance –

Damon Braces are easy to clean, making braces less tiresome. The absence of elastic tie attracts less plaque making dental cleaning easy. Hence these are ideal for professionals, college students as well as teenagers.

Gap closure done for a young adult using self-ligating braces

FAQ about Damon Braces-

Do Damon Braces hurt?

With all the orthodontic appliances there is a period of adjustment shortly after we start the treatment. Due to superior technology (i.e self ligating brackets and wires)there is very little pain or discomfort.

Will people be able to tell that I am wearing braces?

The brackets and wires used in Damon braces are much smaller than conventional ones hence they are less noticeable. Ceramic damon braces mingle with your teeth and often are less noticeable. However aligners and lingual braces are more aesthetic.

Stages of treatment with Damon Braces-

Stage 1

Consultation with the orthodontic dentist to discuss the right time to begin treatment and to discuss patient expectations of the treatment.
The patient is photographed and impressions are made of your teeth.
OPG(Orthopantomogram) and lateral cephalogram are advised for records

Stage 2

After detailed planning and designing, braces are bonded on your teeth during one visit. The wires and brackets are attached to the teeth with ease and comfort. Either a single jaw or both the jaws can be done in a single visit.

Stage 3

Regular monthly check-ups are done for small adjustments being made to your braces. Each sitting is about 15min-30min once the treatment is done the wires and brackets are removed and the patient is put on retainers(either fixed or removable).

Self Ligating Damon Metal Braces