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Smile Makeover/ Digital Smile Design

Smile Makeover

At Smayate, we strive to achieve our goal to ‘Bring Smile’ to people’s lives and always be updated with the latest trends in dentistry. Dr Madhmani Kumra is trained under great Cosmetic dentists like Dr Galip Gurel from Turkey, Dr Christian Coachman (creator of digital smile design) from Brasil and Dr Walter Devoto ( Style italiano) from Italy. She has an eye for perfection and works like an artist so excels in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry ..

We provide state of the art treatments in Smile Makeovers, which can be accomplished through a combination of cosmetic dental procedures like whitening, veneers crown lengthening, orthodontics, crowns and bridges.

Our clinic is trained in “Digital Smile Design-DSD”, which provides the patient with the opportunity to digitally visualise the smile that they desire before the commencement of actual makeover. The new desired smile is created through several references to patient’s old photographs and by engaging with the patient to understand their requirements. You can thus see what you would look like before even starting the treatment. One can go a step further and ask your DSD Doctor for a trial of your dream smile.

Smile Designing

Digital photography and video analysis: At Smayate Dental, we take pictures of your smile from various angles. We make short videos of your speaking style, laughing, eating etc. to analyse the function and aesthetics.
Digital Smile Designing
Smile design analysis: After analyzing the videos and photography, we begin designing the perfect smile that suits your face. Most patients are encouraged to bring their old photographs to enable us to analyze the mouth. The new smile is integrated well with the functions in keeping with the health of your teeth and gums. A combination of whitening porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, braces can be used to bring about this change.
Mock up: This new smile created on models is tried on the patient’s mouth for final approval. After this, new pictures are made for critical analysis of the tooth shape, size and color.
Treatment: Once the planning is done and approved by the patient, we begin the actual treatment in the patient’s mouth. The end result is very predictable and nothing is left to guess work.

Why Smile Makeovers?

Today the society places a lot of importance on appearance. Attractive people are perceived to be more intelligent than their peers who are unattractive, so they end up getting better jobs. There is considerable evidence to show that even ancient civilization lay a great amount of importance on appearance. A 2001 study published in a journal of social psychology found that physical appearance had an impact even in judicial verdicts. Healthy teeth and beautiful smiles contribute in making a person attractive.

Beauty can be enhanced with the help of cosmetic illusions like makeup, hairstyle, plastic surgery, clothing, and cosmetic dentistry. Cheek bones and nose can be made to look sharper with make-up. Lips can be made to appear larger or smaller with the help of lip liners. Hair style can also create a cosmetic illusion — Beard in men can disguise a receding chin. Likewise, Plastic surgery is used for improving aesthetics by fat reduction in the stomach, thighs, buttocks and so on using Liposuction. Breasts can be enhanced and reduced to improve aesthetics. As we see, plastic surgery has become a very popular way to look good.

Similarly, Cosmetic Dentistry is used for smile makeovers to improve smiles through a combination of procedures such as whitening, orthodontic, veneers, crown lengthening, crowns and by creating illusion. This has been used by many Hollywood and Bollywood stars and aspiring models to get their smiles enhanced and rejuvenated.

Benefits of Smile Makeover

  • Enhance your smile, personality and appearance
  • Enhance your confidence by selecting a smile that suits your personality, face, skin color, eye colour, age etc.
  • Enhance your self esteem and self image

Are you a candidate for smile makeover?

You need Smile makeover if you have the following

  • Disproportionate teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Discoloured, damaged or missing teeth
  • Broken front teeth
  • Your smile is not straight.

Disproportianate teeth –Disproportionate teeth can be corrected at Smayate after fully analysing the problem.

Crooked teeth- crooked teeth can be straightened with aligners or braces.Sometimes an illusion can be created to make crooked teeth appear straight

Gaps In teeth- Gaps or diastemas can appear between your teeth due to different reasons.This should not prevent you from smiling.The entire team at Smayate Dental Clinic works towards giving you a smile that you would love with the help of veneers,crown or composite bonding.

Worn out teeth with yellow dentin showing in the enamel

Discoloured, damaged or missing teeth- It is common to develop stains on your teeth. They could be due to tea, coffee, smoking or the morestubborn and deep stains due to tetracycline fluorosis or congenital condition. We at Samayte are an expertat managing deep stains and discolourations.

Broken Front Teeth-
 Car accident, fall from slipping or sport injuries are the most common reason for loosing front teeth. We artistically repair your tooth by diligently designing every detail that will be the best recreation of your teeth. The repair is done using a composite build up or a metal free crown or a veneer.

Your smile is not straight- We can redesign your smile and provide for a natural life like tooth to create a youthful smile using veneers, composite bonding, cosmetic contouring, tooth whitening and crowns.