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Cosmetic Fillings/ Invisible Fillings

Traditionally fillings were done in metal amalgam, popularly known as “Silver Fillings”. Most of us still have a couple of silver fillings in our mouth. In recent times tooth colored fillings have become extremely popular. These fillings are natural looking, almost undetectable once the treatment is over. One can see them only on radiographs.(x rays) and can go undetected by naked eye.

Invisible Filling

Smayate Dental Clinic offers replacement of the amalgam/silver fillings with composite and glass ionomers. The treatment can be completed in a single sitting lasting less than an hour. The composite and glass ionomers fillings are done by gently mixing different shades of composite and tints for exact color matching.This is followed by meticulous finishing and polishing exactly like an artist finishing an art restoration.

Extremely damaged teeth are filled with porcelain, inlay and onlay made in laboratories by master ceramic technicians.These porcelain inlays/onlays are bonded to the remaining tooth structure thereby strengthening the weak tooth. This procedure avoids the need for invasive crowns. Porcelain is hard-wearing and long-lasting, and also has the benefit of being able to be colored to match your existing teeth.