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The increase in the number of transmissible diseases has led to global concern and has affected the way dentistry is practiced. Dentistry is involved in treatment that includes contact with blood, mucosa or blood-contaminated saliva. Some of the highly infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV can stopped from transmission by using proper infection control measures.

State of the art sterilisation room

We use a whole spectrum of products from Durr Dental,a renowed German company . We use 4 tier system for disinfection of our instruments which makes it extremely reliable and effective against deadly micro-organisms responsible for causing HIV, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis etc.

Complete range of disinfectants used at Smayate

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At Smayate Dental Clinic we follow a very strict sterilization protocol.

Tier 1 : The instruments are first washed in tap water, scrubbed with soap.

Tier 2 : Next they are put in an immersion bath containing ID 212 *, (Instrument disinfectant by Durr ) for 5 minutes for cold sterilization. *Spectrum of action: Bactericidal incl. tuberculoidal, fungicidal, limited virucidal .

Tier 3 : The instruments are put in an Ultrasonic cleaner. After all the dirt is loosened it is dried and packed and pouched using a professional sealing machine.

Tier 4 : AUTOCLAVING: The packaged instruments are ready to go into an autoclave for final sterilization. The auto-claved sealed pouches of instruments are open in front of the patients when needed. The Melag Vacuklav autoclave works with a fractionated pre-vacuum and satisfies the requirement of class B autoclave in European standard EN 13060. It is a state of the art autoclave and is highly reliable in function.

State of the art Class B autoclave-- Melag Vacuklav
After the autoclaving of the pouched instruments they are ready to be used by the patients. Each pouch is opened in front of the patient to ensure the instruments do not get contaminated again. No wonder we are rated as one of the BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN DELHI !!

Chair Disinfection

We use FD 300 which is bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal including HBV, HCV,HIV concentrate for disinfecting surfaces and objects.It has fast reaction time of just 2 minutes


Suction Disinfection

Daily Suction disinfection is taken care of by Orotol Plus which cleans, deodorises all suction units. MD 555 is another suction steriliser used weekly which intensively cleans the suction against deposits and sludges.


Impression Disinfection

MD 520 disinfects and cleans dental impressions, impression moulds and prosthetic work including non-corrosive articulators. Used with alginates & silicones. The impressions are washed , dipped in the solution for 5 mins and again washed with water.

The quality of tap water supply in India fluctuates highly depending on the resource of supply, poor quality water contains impurities e.g. magnesium, calcium etc.At Smayate Dental Clinic ,water undergoes a dual method of water purification.

Tap water first goes to a reverse osmosis machine and then it goes to Meladest 65 where water is distilled to collect the purest form of water. The dental chair, the autoclave both use only distilled water which is produced in house.

We have hospital waste management machine to destroy syringe and needles. This prevents cross infection and recycling of syringe and needles.

The dentist at Smayate Dental Clinic use binocular loupes to offer the highest standard in any dental treatment you need. Afterall you treat what you see!!!



At Smayate Dental Clinic we use X mind DC X-ray system which guarantees maximum safety for both operator and the patients. We use digital radiography (RVG) which produce high quality images in a matter of a few seconds.These could be emailed to the patients for reference and future use.

Keeping in mind the safety of the patient, the patient is made to wear Lead Apron and Thyroid collar to protect them from radiation hazard caused by scatter.

We use digital SLR Nikon Camera with Ring flash and Macro lens to document over patients.This assembly is used for taking exclusive intra-oral procedures.

Root ZX Mini Apex locator provides a highly accurate indication of the file’s location and gives more accuracy and predictability to root canal treatment.

For successfully completing implant surgery,the clinic is equipped with latest implant apparatus including the Meisinger Split Control Bone expansion kit, Biohorizon Dental Implant Surgical kit and Nobel Biocare physiodispenser.All these equipment are state of the art procured from one of the best companies of the world.

Implant Apparatus

Curing Light

We use the Ivoclar-Vivadent’s Bluephase LED curing light which is the best selling LED polymerization light in Europe. It has been frequently use in clinical and scientific studies and has been ranked top curing light by independent and renowned test institutes. Using quality products ensure that are work would meet international standards independent and renowned test institutes.

Curing Light

Endo Motor

We ensure that all the crown, bridges, inlays-onlays are send to a state of the art laboratory for fabrication. This ensures good margins which is critical for the success after treatment. Most of our procedures involve either using a mixing gun or mixing machines to remove human errors, thus standardizing procedures.
We use endo motor to prepare canals in a root canal treatment thus resulting in highly predictable end result.

Philip Zoom WhiteSpeed

Smayate Dental Clinic offers office whitening with new advanced PHILIPS ZOOM WHITESPEED. It is a world class whitening system which lightens stained teeth and adds spark to the teeth. Hollywood stars and celebrities across the world have been using ZOOM for years.Whitening is an excellent procedure which can enhance your smile for special occasions like Weddings,Engagements ,Birthdays ,Anniversaries and so on. Whitening is very safe and least invasive procedure giving you instant results and is done by a team of one of the best dentists in south delhi.

Excellent Laboratory Back Up

We ensure that all the crown, bridges, inlays-onlays are send to a state of the art laboratory for fabrication. This ensures good margins which is critical for the success after treatment. Most of our procedures involve either using a mixing gun or mixing machines to remove human errors, thus standardizing procedures

We have a team of highly trained people from all branches of dentistry, so that all your dental requirements can be fulfilled under one roof. This means we offer highest standard in both preventive and any treatment that you might need. Our doctors attend CDE (Continuing Dental Education) program on a regular basis and further conduct internal training in the office on a regular basis.