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Babies and Toddlers

Before the teeth erupt in the mouth we recommend cleaning the gum pads with a fine muslin cloth. Baby brushes are available for them to bite without a toothpaste on them, this assists them during teething. Mild fever and pain accompanies teething which is easily cured with a syrup crocin.

This is a time to inculcate good eating habits. We know sugar is bad for our teeth but it does more harm if it is consumed very frequently during the day than if it is consumed once a day.

At night feeding a child with sweet milk leads to decay once a child gets teeth. This habit is very difficult to get rid off so it should be avoided once the first tooth erupts in the mouth. Parents should use a brush to clean the tooth avoiding a toothpaste as the child cannot spit out. By the age of 2-21/2yrs a child should be brought for a general check up.