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Rotary Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is also called Endodontics. Root canal treatment is a time-consuming procedure needing high skill. When the decay becomes deep it reaches very close to the pulp which contains the blood or nerve supply of the tooth. This leads to pulp infection through decay or injury, the treatment for which is Root Canal Treatment (RCT). The aim of RCT is to remove all infected nerve and blood vessels. The root is then cleaned with solvents and rotary files. After the canal is properly cleaned then it is filled to prevent any further infection.

If the tooth is not treated then the infection spreads and lead to a dental abscess, swelling of the face/Oral Cellulitis.

Unfortunately a huge number of RCT fail due to either lack of proper skill and training of the attending dentist or due to inadequate cleaning of the canal. At Smayate Dental Clinic we specialize in retreating old failing root canals.
Steps During RCT Treatment
Retreatment of RCT
Retreatment of RCT
Apical CYST