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What to expect after getting braces

WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER GETTING BRACES & HOW TO MANAGE EMERGENCIES? MINOR DISCOMFORT It is common to experience soreness while wearing braces, especially after the braces are first placed, or after an adjustment. This soreness usually persists for 1 to 4 days. A mild anti-inflammatory is all one needs to take care of the discomfort. The lips, cheeks and tongue may also become irritated which settles in a few days. One could use wax on the braces to lessen the irritation. Warm saline rinses are also helpful.

BROKEN OR POKING ARCHWIRE Sometimes you have an emergency where you have a broken wire in the mouth. Try to see if this broken piece of wire can be easily removed. If it has simply come out of a tube in the back of the mouth, try to reinsert it through the tube with tweezers. If an end has been bent and is poking into the cheek or gum, try cutting the wire with fingernail clippers or any cutter. Cut as close to the next bracket as possible. If the wire still pokes, and is not too long, cover the end with wax. Or simply take an appointment. BROKEN BRACKET You have several options with a loose bracket. If it is not an irritation, you may elect to leave it alone until your next appointment. If it is bothering you, you may remove the bracket if you can slide it off the wire. Remember to keep it safely till your next visit. If you cannot remove it and it is hurting you, you, please call to schedule an appointment to replace the bracket. RETAINER NOT FITTING If retainers are not worn regularly as prescribed, they will not fit. Call the office immediately to set up an appointment to have it adjusted or make a new one. SPORTSMAN A Mouthguard should be worn to protect the teeth and lips!!