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Full Mouth Rehabilitation | Full Mouth Restoration

Am I a Candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation /Reconstruction?

You need Full Mouth Rehabilitation /Reconstruction if you have the following

  1. Worn-out teeth, chipped or cracked teeth
  2. Difficulty in eating
  3. Frequent headaches
  4. Dental restorations which frequently crack or chip
  5. You do not show teeth while smiling
  6. Smile is not straight, feels like it is crooked.
  7. Suffered from Bulimia/gastric reflux for several years.

Team Smayate does a complete evaluation to make an accurate diagnosis— the methodincludes extensive sessions of photography, followed by models creation and then finally the process of DESIGN A SMILE begins. While designing apart from the size, shape & color of teeth, the personality, facial characteristics, and sex of the patient are most importantly considered.

After the preliminary designing is done, a TEST DRIVE of the proposed treatment is done in the mouth ,this is also called a MOCKUP. Mock up is a diagnostic procedure, which changes temporarilly the shape and colour of your teeth as per the patient requirement following all the principles of smile design. After photographing the teeth/ smile before and after the “mockup,” the temporary material used for mockup is removed. The patient’s teeth them returns back to their original condition and colour .Mock -up is very critical to Full mouth restoration as the patient gets to see the changes that would be made to the teeth even before the actual treatment has begun.
A combination of right diagnosis, designing and proper execution of dental treatment (with Implants, Veneers, Crowns and Bridge work, and Whitening) can make you look & youthful, knocking off years from your age!!!
This is actually like getting a facelift without a plastic surgery!!!!
The restoration of a smile and function of teeth, contributes to one’s improved self-image and enhanced self-esteem. IT MAKES A NEW CONFIDENT “YOU”!!!

Tooth Wear Rehabilitation

Over a period of time due to constant wear and ageing of the body,we do notice teeth do show signs of tooth wear:

The most common factors that accelerate this wear are as under

  • Grinding of teeth
  • Erosion(Especially from acid food, drink, GERD)
  • Abrasion (brushing too vigorously habits like opening a chip or pin with your front teeth.)


In some cases the teeth begin to look short and unattractive. This happens when the protective covering of the tooth called enamel is lost and then the teeth become sensitive due to exposure of the porous layer of the tooth called dentin. People who grind their teeth loose enamel and often wake up in the morning with a jaw or muscle pain.

Tooth wear in the complete mouth

At Smayate Dental Clinic we promote a preventive approach. We offer very easy and practical advice that cover diet and lifestyle changes and take time to discuss good oral health regime.

In extreme cases, where teeth have become extremely short and worn out, we do a full analysis and suggest options to restore your smile. We would usually begin with a de-programmer to help you relax your facial muscles and this would automatically stop the pain in the face, neck and shoulder. We further go on to restore the worn teeth first with a provisional material and once the patient is comfortable we use restore using permanent material either composite or ceramic material. These could include veneers, crowns and aesthetic bonding of teeth or a combination of all the above.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth Rehabilitation in Greater Kailash Delhi corrects the irregularities (chipped worn out teeth)and also repositions the jaw to the right place correcting the bite position of the jaw. This is achieved with a combination of both neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry.

Smayate Dental Clinic’s Full mouth Rehabilitation creates a smile which is functional, pleasant and comfortable. It restores the lost tooth structure corrects the bite and restores the facial height.This improves the lower 3rd of the face and gives the face a youthful, elegant look which boosts self confidence.