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Anaaya Singh

Anaaya is happy having got the treatment.

Renu Goswami

Six upper teeth front implants ! Amazing job !! Thank you Dr. Kumra for bringing back my" Smile" in my life, so grateful to you. My best wishes and heart felt APPRECIATION. May you continue making your patients proudly display their Dr. Kumra created smiles!!

Dr. Jaswant Singh Neki

(Dr JS neki was a leading Indian Sikh scholar, significant neo-metaphysical Punjabi language poet and former Director of PGI Chandigarh and Head of the Psychiatry Department at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi.)

During my sojourn in U.K Nigeria and USA. I have had the privilege of being looked after by some senior dentists of repute. They were all really good. However the softness and dexterity of care that I received from Dr. Madhumani Kumra in Delhi surpasses them all. She not only takes care of teeth but also makes sure that they look aesthetic. Her professional competence is trustworthy and her doctor-patient relationship equally note-worthy.

Kamaldeep Kaur

I have been treated by Dr. M Kumra ever since this clinic opened. Dr. Kumra has given me permanent implants. She is extremely competent. The staff is capable and courteous. Above all the standards of hygiene and cleanliness are very high. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.

Vineet Khanna

Business Executive Based in the USA


Work done by Dr. KUMRA was looked at by my long standing dentist in Bala CYNWYD, PA who gave her a big THUMBS UP.

(Work - Extensive crown on upper teeth.)

Shashi Santram

Professional from USA

Excellent dental care. Professional staff, flexible hours and care.

Puneet Sidhu

Very professional and hygenic standards are very good. Felt a comfort level to discuss my dental issues and future resolutions

Colonel KK Das

Col Das is a Retired Army Officer from the Indian army

Country : India

I am highly satisfied with the dental treatment of Smayate Dental Clinic.

The crown fitted on my upper central teeth has changed my look and I am certainly more confident with the enhanced smile after the treatment. Dr. Madhumani works like an artist

Bubbles Sabharwal

Famous Theatre Director & Writer from New Delhi

I love the personalized attention! Its neat, organized & caring. Normally a dentists Clinic is an intimidating space, its calming & caring!

Dr. Kanwar Neki

Psychologist from New Delhi

The clinic is very well equipped and is bring managed very well. I am more than satisfied with the setup and the professional attention I receive here. Thanks.

Frederic Undarn Berghl

Professional Working in Academics at Brazil

I am one of those rare people who like to go to the dentist. Service was nice and treatment professional and competent. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

I have been getting dental treatment since the last 15 years. My dentist in Preston, U.K where I live, say that the dental work is of excellent quality. The clinic and all the doctors are excellent. Hygiene is well taken care of - it is spotlessly clean.