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How To Reduce Teeth Pain

How to reduce teeth pain? – Know the common ways Tooth pain can occur at any time and it may be dull or throbbing. If you are wondering how to reduce teeth pain then hold on as we discuss the common ways by which you can reduce the pain. In the information provided below, we […]

Dental Fluorosis Treatment Delhi

What are your options- Dental fluorosis treatment Delhi Extrinsic staining on teeth is common and is commonly treated with teeth whitening. However, some white or brown stains on teeth are not easily managed with teeth whitening. Fluorosis is a condition caused by overexposure to fluoride in the early years of life when permanent teeth are […]

Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi

White Spot Teeth – Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi We all have heard of teeth discoloration that can be treated cosmetically. But have you heard of white spots on teeth, and can they be treated? White spots on teeth are early signs of decay. There can be various causes of white spots on teeth; the […]

How to fix recessed chin

Receding chin – How to fix recessed chin A well-defined chin impacts facial aesthetics to a large extent. However, in some individuals, it may be underdeveloped or recessed, leading to facial asymmetry and affecting the person’s confidence. The good news here is that it is treatable. But how to fix recessed chin? If you are […]

Tooth Sensitivity

A brief about Tooth Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity or dentinal hypersensitivity is a common problem in which the teeth show an exaggerated response to hot and cold stimuli. The first layer of the tooth is called enamel, which protects it from all the triggers. With time, the enamel wears off, exposing the underlying dentin. If you […]

Getting a Crown

Step-by-step guide to getting a crown Dental crowns, popularly known as dental caps, are prostheses that help restore structurally damaged teeth. The teeth can be damaged due to trauma or extensive decay. The most common indication of dental crown is after a root canal treatment; however, it can sometimes be done without an RCT. But […]

What is bruxzir crown

What is bruxzir crown – Understand more about it Various kinds of dental crowns are available, zirconia crown being the most preferred type due to its high strength. Bruxzir crowns utilise top-quality zirconia material for its strength, durability, and wear resistance. What makes bruxzir crowns special is the ability to offer uncompromising full-strength support to […]

What causes mottled teeth

What causes mottled teeth – Causes and Cure A mottled tooth is a condition characterised by discolouration of the teeth. The enamel, the outermost layer of the teeth, is seen with some irregular white or brown spots. This condition is called dental fluorosis; the affected teeth are called mottled teeth. In mild to moderate cases […]

How to remove dark gums

Gum depigmentation – How to remove dark gums Apart from misaligned teeth, dark gums are also a common reason that makes someone conscious of their looks. There can be various reasons for dark gums, but thankfully, there is a solution to this common aesthetic concern. If you are also someone who wants to improve their […]

What is flap

All about flap surgery treatment Delhi Gum problems in their initial stages can be managed with nonsurgical methods like scaling and root planing. Flap surgery treatment Delhi is indicated in advanced cases of gum diseases when all the other methods have failed to manage the issue. Now you must be thinking, what is flap? Flap […]