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Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi

White Spot Teeth – Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi

We all have heard of teeth discoloration that can be treated cosmetically. But have you heard of white spots on teeth, and can they be treated? White spots on teeth are early signs of decay. There can be various causes of white spots on teeth; the treatment modality also differs depending on that. If you are wondering about Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi, then read the information provided below- brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic.

What are white spot teeth? – Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi

A thin biofilm forms on the teeth due to poor oral hygiene. This layer is called plaque and contains bacteria. The bacteria in the plaque produce acid by breaking down the sugar content in your diet. The outermost layer of teeth is called enamel and is the hardest protective covering. As the acid is produced, it starts demineralizing the enamel layer, and the initial manifestation of this process is the white spots on the teeth. 

There can be various causes of developing white spots on teeth. In the information provided below, we will discuss the causes of white spot teeth and the multiple ways of reduction. 

Causes of white spot teeth – Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi


Calcium and phosphorous in the diet are essential in developing your teeth. A diet poor in these minerals can make the teeth weak and prone to developing white spots. Consumption of highly acidic food and beverages also increases the chances of white spots due to enamel damage. 


Fluoride is another mineral that is important for the proper development of teeth. Excess of fluoride consumption can lead to a condition called fluorosis. Fluorosis can result from excessive fluoride consumption in supplements, water intake, and toothpaste containing excessive fluoride.

Braces treatment

Teeth correction treatment with braces can lead to plaque development due to poor oral hygiene. The incidence of white spot teeth also increases in such cases. 


White spot reduction- Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi


It is the most conservative way of treating white spots on teeth. As per the guidelines, mild acid and pumice slurry are used to remove the mild stains and surface irregularities. It can be combined with other whitening treatments offered by our experts at Smayate Dental Clinic.

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is an effective, painless way of enhancing your smile. It can treat white spots by lightening the color of your teeth to match the shade and make it uniform. Other home whitening kits and over-the-counter products are available. However, it is advised to go for in-office whitening. 

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain designed to be attached to the front surface of the teeth. They are highly effective and durable ways of masking various flaws, including the white spots on teeth. It is a safe and painless way of enhancing your smile. This Teeth White Spots Treatment Delhi is minimally invasive and involves minimal trimming of the enamel surface. 

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