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Know the difference – Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces

The two most common treatment options for teeth straightening are braces and aligners. Metal dental braces are traditional teeth straightening treatments, whereas the latest treatment is clear aligners or braces.

If you are wondering which one is better for you and why, hold on as we provide you with the information brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic. Let’s discuss Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces based on various criteria to get a better idea.

Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces – Based on Aesthetics

Metal dental braces comprise dark metallic brackets that attach to the tooth surface and have wires passing between them. The aesthetic quotient of metal braces is less when compared with clear braces. On the other hand, clear braces or clear aligners are made up of plastic trays that fit snugly onto the teeth. Due to their superior aesthetics, clear braces have become popular when deciding between Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces.

Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces – Based on comfort

The mechanism of action is similar in both braces and clear braces. They both exert mild pressure on the teeth by which the teeth move into their desired location. There are some chances of lacerations or soft tissue injuries associated with metal braces. The smooth plastic trays have eliminated this risk, making them more comfortable. 

Based on compliance – Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces 

Braces are fixed by your dentist and removed at the end of the straightening process. You can’t remove it on your own. Clear aligners are removable plates worn for most of the day. They are designed to be removed during eating, drinking, and cleaning. If we consider the compliance factor, then if you are choosing clear braces, then you must choose to comply with the instructions for optimum results.

Based on aftercare – Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces 

Aftercare is an essential factor to consider when choosing between braces and clear braces. There are high chances of food getting stuck between the wires and brackets, leading to oral hygiene issues. It is, therefore, critical to maintain proper care using an interdental brush, brushing daily, and using dental floss or water flosser. Aftercare with clear braces is simple; the plates are removable and easily cleaned outside the mouth.  

Based on the diet – Metal Dental Braces Vs. Clear Braces 

A few diet restrictions must be followed with braces to avoid unnecessary breakage of brackets or wires. You should avoid sticky or hard foods such as chewing gum, caramel, popcorn, and nuts. These foods can cause brackets to become loose or wires to break, prolonging the treatment duration. Clear braces have no restrictions, as you can remove the plates while eating. 

The bottom line-

Braces and clear aligners differ in design and appearance, with braces being noticeable and clear aligners virtually invisible. Braces are fixed appliances, while clear aligners are removable. Clear aligners offer more comfort and flexibility, as they can be easily removed for oral hygiene and eating. Braces come with dietary restrictions, whereas clear aligners allow you to eat various foods. To know more about your eligibility and which one suits you better, it is in your best interest to contact our experts at Smayate Dental Clinic.  

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