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How to fix recessed chin

Receding chin – How to fix recessed chin

A well-defined chin impacts facial aesthetics to a large extent. However, in some individuals, it may be underdeveloped or recessed, leading to facial asymmetry and affecting the person’s confidence. The good news here is that it is treatable. But how to fix recessed chin? If you are also wondering the same, read the information provided below for more – brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi.

Causes of receding chin

Before proceeding to the treatment part, discuss How to fix recessed chin. Let us first explore the causes of the receding chin. The common cause lies in a person’s genetics. However, medical conditions like treacher collin syndrome lead to lower jaw problems. Direct trauma or injury in the chin area in developing ages can also inhibit the growth of the chin by suppressing the growth centers of the jaw. 

How to fix recessed chin – Treatment options

Before deciding the best treatment option, our Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi team will carefully examine your case. Before customizing your treatment plan, we will conduct a clinical and radiological analysis of the problem. 

Chin Augmentation  

Chin augmentation involves the implant placement to define the chin and enhance the projection. It is a safe and entirely painless procedure where different implant materials are used for chin augmentation. The materials used are safe and biocompatible. The surgery involves making an incision inside the mouth and creating a way to place an implant. 

Sliding Genioplasty

Sliding genioplasty offers a more detailed approach to chin enhancement by repositioning the chin bone itself. We make an incision inside the mouth to access the chin bone during this procedure. We then carefully cut and repositioned the bone forward, securing it in its new position with screws or plates. Sliding genioplasty allows for precise adjustments to the chin’s size and shape, making it particularly suitable for individuals with complex chin deformities or asymmetry. The screws and plates used are safe and biocompatible. 

Post-operative Care and Recovery

Follow Surgeon’s Instructions

Adhere closely to our post-operative instructions, including medicines and any diet restrictions.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

If the surgery involves an incision inside the mouth, maintaining excellent oral hygiene is crucial to prevent infection and promote speedy recovery. 

Avoid hard food

Do not put extra pressure on eating and chewing your food. Shift to a soft diet. Hard food items can put strain onto your jawbone. 

Attend Follow-up Appointments

Regular follow-up appointments with the surgeon are essential to monitor progress. It is important to regularly assess the progress to note the proper development of the new bone.  


A recessed chin can significantly impact facial aesthetics and self-confidence, but surgical interventions offer effective solutions to address this concern. Many surgical options are available, and the best option for you is decided based on the comprehensive examination of your case. Adhering to post-operative care methods is also essential to ensure speedy recovery. There are other temporary methods available in the market in the form of fillers and make, which do not solve the root cause of the problem. It is in your best interest to get your treatment from our experts for a permanent solution. 

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