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Getting a Crown

Step-by-step guide to getting a crown

Dental crowns, popularly known as dental caps, are prostheses that help restore structurally damaged teeth. The teeth can be damaged due to trauma or extensive decay. The most common indication of dental crown is after a root canal treatment; however, it can sometimes be done without an RCT. But if you are wondering what steps are involved in getting a crown, hold on as we explain it briefly in the information provided below – brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi.

Steps of Getting a Crown


The first step of getting a crown is the comprehensive examination by our team at Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi. In this step, your tooth is examined clinically and radiologically before proceeding further. Depending upon the current dental condition, the type of dental crown is decided, and a customised treatment plan is formulated. Sometimes, there is a need for any adjunctive procedure like crown lengthening that is indicated before getting the dental crown. All this is decided in step 1 of getting a dental crown. 

Tooth preparation

Tooth preparation or tooth trimming is the next step of the whole process. Once the treatment plan is formulated and it is decided which dental crown is to be placed, the next step is tooth preparation. Tooth trimming is done to reshape the existing tooth structure to accommodate the crown. The amount of tooth trimmed depends upon the type of dental crown material used. The whole tooth preparation process is painless and done under local anaesthesia. Our team at Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi ensures that you are comfortable throughout the process. 

Impression making 

The next comes an essential impression-making step, where both upper and lower teeth are recorded. The bite is recorded to make study models that are used for the fabrication of dental crowns. It is an important step as it helps decide the occlusal relation that decides how the upper and lower teeth bite together.

Final placement

Once the dental crown is fabricated, it is ready for fixation. Before cementing the crown, the dental crown is checked for the bite or any high points that can hamper the correct bite. Once we are satisfied with the bite, the crown is fixed onto the tooth. The dental crowns are not removable and are fixed permanently over the tooth. 


Regular follow-ups are scheduled to monitor the progress of your crown. It is essential to attend follow-ups as it helps in the early detection of any problem with the tooth or surrounding soft tissues. Early detection and prompt action help in saving the tooth from future complications. 

Aftercare regime

For the longevity of the dental crown, It is essential to follow the aftercare instructions. When taken care of properly, the dental crowns are designed to last a lifetime. The aftercare regime is fairly simple and similar to the natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are important to avoid plaque accumulation. Always attend the regular follow-ups scheduled by our team to keep track of the progress.

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