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Get your Dream Smile – Wedding Smile Designing Delhi

A wedding is a special day to remember for the rest of our lives. The bride and the groom want to look their best on their special day. Do not let the minor imperfections in your smile stop you from taking those perfect photos to cherish for life. At Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi, GK 1, South Delhi, we provide various options to enhance your smile.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the various treatment options available as a part of the Wedding Smile Designing Delhi program- brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi, GK 1

What is Smile Designing? – Wedding Smile Designing Delhi

A smile makeover or smile designing is a combination of cosmetic treatments done to enhance your smile. After examining your dental health status and needs, our experts customize the whole process at Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi, GK 1, South Delhi.

Various Indications 

  • Misaligned  teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Gummy smile
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth

Benefits of Wedding Smile Designing

  • Minimally invasive procedures with zero recovery time
  • Enhances your overall look and personality
  • Fast treatments that require very few visits
  • Painless experience
  • Improved overall dental health

Popular treatment options available in Wedding Smile Designing Delhi

Dental Veneers

 They are thin wafer-like porcelain material attached to the tooth’s front surface. They are highly durable and address many issues:

  • A chipped-off fragment or cracked tooth
  • Minor  gaps between the teeth
  • Minor misalignment issues
  • Tooth discoloration that is not treated by teeth whitening, like fluorosis stains

Teeth whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures involves using chemicals to lighten the color of the teeth by several shades. It is a fast, effective, and painless way to enhance your smile within one sitting. A professional teeth whitening procedure under a dentist’s supervision is safer and more effective than home whitening solutions.

Dental braces

The traditional form of treating crooked teeth uses braces. Many types of braces, like metal, tooth-colored ceramic, and lingual braces, work on the same principles of tooth movement.  

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are an aesthetic alternative to braces for treating misaligned teeth. They also work on the same principle but are removable. Clear aligners are given sequentially to be worn for at least 20-22 hrs a day.

Tooth-colored filling

Tooth decay is a major dental problem that becomes an aesthetic concern also, especially when found in front teeth. The tooth-colored resin material is used to restore the decayed tooth to its natural shape and form. 

Dental Implants

Missing teeth are a primary aesthetic concern when it comes to front teeth. Dental implants are tiny pieces of a titanium post inserted into the jawbones. They permanently solve the missing teeth problem without altering the adjacent teeth.

Gum treatments

Certain conditions are associated with your gums, such as dark gums or overgrowth of the gum tissue, which becomes an aesthetic concern. Various cosmetic procedures are available, like gum depigmentation and reshaping or recontouring, that will help us to enhance your smile. The procedure is completely painless and done in a single visit. 

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