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Essential advice for Dentures Aftercare

Getting used to your new dentures requires practice and patience. It requires some time to get used to your new prosthesis. In the information provided below, we have discussed ways to make your experience during this time smoother- brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic. We have also discussed the essential points to remember for good Dentures Aftercare.

Initial adjustment

Wear your dentures for as long as possible during the initial days. It might feel loose and slip out initially, but you must be patient. You may feel fullness and increased salivation during the initial phase. The salivation will decrease and get back to normal with time. Always ensure that there are no sharp points or edges in your denture that can potentially cause mouth ulcers. If you notice anything, please report to our team at Smayate Dental Clinic immediately.

Eating with your new dentures

Getting used to eating with your new dentures will take some time. Start with a soft diet and gradually shift to your regular diet. It can be challenging initially, but you can chew with the dentures with regular practice. Make sure you use both sides of your mouth.

Talking with new dentures

It takes time for the orofacial muscles to get used to the new prosthesis in the mouth. The tongue and facial muscles need to adjust themselves to stabilize the denture.

Dentures Aftercare Instructions

  • Soak your dentures in water daily.
  • Clean your dentures with a special toothbrush as instructed  
  • Take them out during night time
  • Make sure to clean all the surfaces of the dentures  

How to take care of the dentures? – Dentures Aftercare


You need a special cleaning solution and denture cleaning brush for effective cleaning. Ensure you clean all the denture surfaces and rinse your mouth thoroughly before inserting them back in. Do not use regular toothpaste and brush as it might abrade the denture surface. Brush your dentures twice daily. Rinse your dentures with water after taking cleaning them with a cleaning solution. Always keep a towel underneath to avoid accidental damage by slippage.


It is always advisable to use a denture cleaning solution for soaking the dentures before cleaning them. It is best to soak them in the cleansing solution for deep cleansing action. The antimicrobial properties help kill the bacteria. Do not use bleaching agents or peroxides, as they will damage the prosthesis. The time duration for keeping them in the solution varies as per the strength of the cleansing solution. 

Nighttime break

Always take your dentures out of the mouth at night. It is essential to relieve your muscles. The soft tissues and the gums need rest. The constant wearing of the dentures will put extra pressure and can cause ulcerations.

Dental visits

Schedule appointments with us at Smayate Dental Clinic to get your regular checkups. We conduct a comprehensive dental checkup to ensure that your denture fits well. It is also essential to look for any early signs of ulcerations or changes.

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