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A brief overview of Post and Core – Post and Core Benefits

What is post and core? – Post and Core Benefits

After a Root Canal Treatment, in some cases, a particular type of dental treatment is advised before planning the dental prostheses. Sometimes the tooth structure remaining after the root canal procedure is not strong enough to receive the dental crown. Post and core help build a strong foundation and create an optimal tooth structure for the dental crown. After clinically examining the tooth, our experts decide on post and core at Smayate Dental Clinic, GK 1, South Delhi.

Generally, a post and a core is a dental restoration used for inadequate tooth structure. Sometimes performed after a root canal, when a significant portion of a tooth’s structure is removed, a post and core can help keep a dental crown in place. Dental crowns are used to protect the teeth from further damage or infection.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the parts and benefits of post and core- brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic, GK 1, South Delhi.

Parts of a Post and Core – Post and Core Benefits

A post is a small metal or fiber piece inserted into the root canal space. The post is usually about a few millimeters long. Its main purpose is to provide anchorage to the core of the tooth.

Cores are the portion that replaces the missing structures of the tooth. Dental cores are usually manufactured from tooth-colored materials that help hold the dental crown in place.

How is post and core used? – Post and Core Benefits

The root canal procedure is completed by sealing the root canal space with an inert rubber-like filler material. When a post and core are planned after root canal treatment, some space is created in the canal space for post-insertion. The post is safely placed into the canal space and sealed with the existing filler material. Once the post is stable, the core build-up process starts.

A tooth-colored resin material is used for core build-up. Post and core are usually recommended when more than 50 percent of your tooth’s natural structure is removed. The post is helpful in mechanically retaining the dental crown and core in these instances.

The post and core procedure is not be performed if enough remaining tooth structure is available for dental crown placement.

Why are post and cores needed? – Post and Core Benefits

A significant factor of dental crown stability depends on how much tooth structure is present. If very little tooth structure is present, the crown will dislodge easily by forces directed at its margin.

The core is rebuilding the tooth closer to its natural form. The major benefit of a post and core restoration is strengthening the compromised tooth structure. The post and core facilitate the dental crown placement. It prevents the fracture of the weak tooth structure by rebuilding the original tooth in form and strength. After root canal treatment, the post and core are excellent ways to protect the compromised tooth structure. 

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