Habit Breaking Appliances & Orthodontic Expansion Plates

Oral habits and its management:

1. Thumb sucking
It is the placement of the thumb or one or more fingers in varying depths into the mouth. If it persists after the milk teeth have erupted, it drastically changes the growth of the jaw and leads to misalignment or irregular teeth.
By the use of the following intraoral appliances.
a) Quad helix
b) Bluegrass Appliance
c) Palatal crib
d) Removable habit appliance

Habit breaking appliance for Thumb Sucking


2. Tongue thrusting( Immature swallowing)
It is a behavioral pattern in which the tongue protrudes through the front teeth during swallowing, speech and while the tongue is at rest.
By the use of the following intraoral appliances
a) Nance palatal arch appliance
b) Palatal crib
c) Tongue thrusting device
d) Hawley's appliance

3. Lip habit
It involves manipulation of the lips and perioral structures.
By the use of the following intraoral appliances:
a) Lip bumper

4. Bruxism/ night grinding
It is the habitual grinding of the teeth when the individual is not chewing or swallowing. Occurs especially during sleep.
By the use of the following intraoral appliances:
Bite guard/ Night guard


Need for expansion?
Patients with narrow upper arch do not have sufficient space for their teeth, as a result teeth are crowded.
Moreover the upper back teeth do not meet the lower back teeth properly leading to posterior cross bite(upper back teeth are inside).
Hence to correct the posterior cross bite and to adjust the teeth which are crowded because of the narrow arch we use the appliances which are called expansion appliances. They have a screw in that which is opened at regular intervals as directed by the dentist to expand the arch and these appliances can be removable or fixed.

Appliance called Rapid maxillary expansion used along with face mask




1. Removable plate with a jack screw
2. Hyrax Type Palate Expansion Screw


Myofunctional orthodontic appliances not only treatmal occlusion without braces, but also offer other benefits such as improved facial development and better stability.
These appliances utilize natural forces of oro facial and masticatory musles to influence jaw growth.
a. Fixed
b. Removable

a. Fixed functional Appliance
Herbst Appliance

b. Removable Twin block appliance