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Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces

Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces Delhi – Which is best for you?

Teeth straightening with braces is a time-tested method for correcting misaligned teeth. Among the various braces systems available, the two most common are metal braces and ceramic braces. Now, you might be wondering, which one is the right fit for you? Let’s delve into the details below, expertly brought to you by Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi, a trusted name in dental care.

What is metal braces treatment? – Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces Delhi

Metal braces, a system of wires and brackets, are a key part of orthodontic treatment. They work painlessly to gently move misaligned teeth into a more desirable position, enhancing the aesthetics of your smile.

What are Ceramic braces treatment? – Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces Delhi

Tooth-colored braces or clear braces are ceramic braces that work in the same way as traditional metal braces when attached to the front surface of the teeth. The only difference with ceramic braces is that they are aesthetically more appealing because they can match the tooth color.

Ceramic braces are attached to the teeth with wires and bands of a similar kind to completely hide the braces system and make the treatment less visible.

Ceramic braces, a popular choice for teenagers and those who value discretion, offer results that are almost identical to traditional metal braces. Their ability to blend in with your teeth’s natural color makes them a preferred choice for a subtle look, as they are less visible from a distance.

How do braces work?

The way braces work is similar depending on the type of braces used. Both metal and ceramic braces exert pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position. The force exerted remodels the bone by creating tension and pressure zones adjacent to the teeth being moved.

Once the teeth reach the new position, bone can form around them for better stability and improved function. Dental retainers are given by our experts at Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi to prevent relapse.

Dental braces aftercare

Does the aftercare process differ depending on the type of braces used? The answer is no, when we compare metal and ceramic braces. 

After getting the braces, proper maintenance is crucial for the success of your orthodontic treatment. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, you should avoid certain foods that can damage the wires. Regular follow-ups with your orthodontist, such as those provided at Smayate Dental Clinic Delhi, are also essential during your orthodontic treatment journey.

Once the treatment is over, professional cleaning is indicated to remove the plaque deposits and maintain optimum gum health.

Important points to keep in mind 

  • The teeth must be thoroughly cleaned before placing the braces
  • It may take around one hour to place all the braces.
  • Once the treatment is over, retainer therapy is indicated in most cases to avoid relapse
  • The period depends on your age, the complexity of the case, and the technique used to move the teeth.

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