Dental cell banking has become very popular especially for those who missed preserving stem cells at birth. Dental stem cells are mesenchymal cells found in milk teeth of children and permanent teeth of young adults. The younger the person, the more vital are the stem cells. These stem cells are also found in bone marrow of adults but harvesting marrow is very painful.

Each tooth has around 0.5 to 1 million mesenchymal cells which are further multiplied to yield billons of stem cells. Dental stem cells can differentiate into nerve cells, muscle cells, insulin producing cells etc. owing to their multipotency.

Dental stem cells are extracted from milk teeth aged 5 onwards. The right time to extract the tooth is just before it becomes loose. For children over the age 12 and for teens- premolar (to be extracted before braces) and wisdom molar are the teeth of choice.

Stem cells are potential repair kits for future and can be used in the cure of many diseases. At Smayate Dental Clinic we are proud to provide the service to our patients in collaboration with STEMADE/REELABS.